Health & Health Care


Faculty Leaders: Susan Norris (, School of Nursing-Camden

Travel Dates: May 2017

Class Meeting Times: 6:00-8:30pm: 2/23, 3/22, 4/19

Course Number: 57:705:397

Program Cost: $3,600

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The course “Health and Health Care in the Amazon of Brazil” will be offered through the Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden in partnership with Amizade, an NGO with decades of experience in the region.

The course and experience abroad will offer students a unique opportunity to encounter global health and work collaboratively with local health care professionals in the Amazon region of Brazil. The service learning component includes 12 days in the Santarem region, located along the Amazon river midway between Belem and Manaus. For six days, students will journey on a live-aboard medical boat to learn about health care in river communities; the remaining six days will occur on either end of the river journey and consist of experiences to contextualize the program. These activities will include a tour of a pharmaceutical company researching botanical medicine, visits to health posts and a Hansen’s (leprosy) clinic, and cultural activities. Throughout the stay, participants will have the opportunity to interact with Brazilian students attending local institutions that regularly partner with Amizade.

This program is unique in that it emphasizes interprofesssioanl collaboration; students will be recruited from all health related disciplines (nursing, medicine, health sciences, psychology, public health, biological sciences, etc.) and have the opportunity to work at an interdisciplinary level in Brazil. The medical boat is staffed with Brazilian physicians, nurses and a pharmacist.

The academic component will focus on global health issues and the delivery of care in the developing world. Students will learn about 1) the socioeconomic, cultural and environmental factors affecting the daily lives and health of Brazilians; 2) the burden of tropical, infectious and chronic diseases; 3) traditional healing practices; and 4) the delivery of health care in Amazonian Brazil. The twelve day service learning component will contextualize the students’ coursework through participation in on-site public health projects.





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*Program cost is approximate and subject to change. Program cost is in addition to tuition.