Current Programs

FALL 2016 Learning Abroad Course:

BOLIVIA | International Service Learning: Health and Healing in Bolivia

This seminar and international service-learning course introduces students to health and healing in Bolivia, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, with the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of health in this developing country. Four classes (hybrid) will focus on the demographic, socio-cultural, spiritual, economic, legal, and political factors influencing healthcare delivery and practice in Bolivia. Integral to this course is a 19-day service learning, language immersion experience, over the winter break.

SPRING 2017 Learning Abroad Courses:

BENIN | International Research Experience in Developmental Botany

This program will introduce students to basic research in botanical biodiversity, with a wide range of beneficial applications in seasonal weather prediction, agricultural sustainability, and plant-based pharmacology. Students will have a rare opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research in a field where very little previous work has been done. During the travel portion of the program, students will participate in tours and social activities that will introduce them to the cultural life of tropical, sub-Saharan Benin.

BRAZIL | Health & Health Care in the Brazilian Amazon

The course and experience abroad will offer students a unique opportunity to encounter global health and work collaboratively with local health professionals in the Amazon region of Brazil. The service learning component includes 12 days in the Santarem region, located along the Amazon river midway between Belem and Manaus. For six days, students will journey on a live-aboard medical boat to provide interdisciplinary health care in river communities; the remaining six days will occur on either end of the river journey and consist of experiences to contextualize the program. These activities will include a tour of a pharmaceutical company researching botanical medicine, visits to health posts and a Hansen’s (leprosy) clinic, and cultural activities.

BRAZIL | Tropical Field Ecology

This course will offer biology students the unique opportunity of hands-on experience on ecological processes and natural resource management challenges in a tropical area in Brazil (i.e., Macae). This area is not only scientifically interesting, but also culturally rich and illustrative of conservation challenges faced by developing countries. This field course on tropical ecology will focus on concepts, study design and field techniques in ecological research studying both terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

BRAZIL | Urban Politics

This course will examine urban politics in Brazil, emphasizing the challenges of conflicting interests within a country that has experienced periods of both political and economic stability and instability. Specifically, we will assess the role of civil society organizations, public officials and private sector interests in defining policies related to housing, violence, and the environment.

ENGLAND & HUNGARY | Health & Healing in the European Union

This seminar and international service-learning course introduces students to health and healing in the European Union, using Budapest, Hungary, a member of the European Union, as an exemplar. The aim of course is to gain a deeper understanding of health and healing.

ENGLAND & IRELAND | History of Women in Healthcare

This course will offer a broad study of the historical and human science literature regarding notable women in healthcare. We will examine the life stories and contributions to healthcare of notable selected women from the British Isles, Central Europe and the United States.

ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, & WALES | Comparative Criminal Justice

Through this Learning Abroad course, students will have knowledge of England’s political system, and the development of criminal justice through history – starting with the monarchy, parliament, and the significant development of the European Union over the past three decades which can inform a comparative understanding of tackling justice issues globally. Students will also have an understanding of how the police, courts, and corrections systems are organized geographically and hierarchically.

GERMANY | Gentrification, Social Movements, and the Arts in Germany

This course will teach students about gentrification and social movements in German cities as well as expose students to the rich cultural heritage of Germany.

GUATEMALA | Health & Healing in Guatemala: A Service Learning Journey

This service learning course introduces students to health and healing in Guatemala, one of many developing countries in the Americas with significant poverty and health care needs. Classroom and field experiences focus on: 1) Mayan history and marginalization as it relates to today’s setting 2) traditional and Western medical systems and their articulation within the health care system of Guatemala; and 3) current public health concerns that confronts the population. A service learning experience in the highlands of Guatemala exposes students to both Western and traditional health care settings and providers as well as opportunities to assist with ongoing health promotion projects.

INDIA | Inside India: Exploring the Country's History, Culture, and Mass Media

This course would explore a vast array of issues facing India and give Rutgers students the up-close chance to research and report on these subjects and this country in a manner typically limited to the elite group of journalists who are assigned to such highly coveted foreign bureaus. Students will gain a firm understanding of the country's past and present and learn to make connections between India’s history and the kinds of stories that are being reported there today.

PANAMA | Doing Business in Panama

This course will help students on their journey to become global citizens by exposing them to the growing importance of Panama because of its unique geography and central location, large infrastructure investmest, and competitive economy.

SOUTH AFRICA | Community Service

Students will visit NGO's, schools, and key cultural sites, and meet with teachers, students, and community leaders in South Africa to participate in community service and engage in dialogue and shared experience on topics of racism and poverty, urban revitalization, global and regional development, and environmental degradation while focusing on the role that woman have played.

SOUTH AFRICA | Constitutional Law

The classroom portion of the course will begin with a brief introduction to the history of South Africa as it relates to the development of the country’s Constitution. The rest of our class meetings prior to the travel portion will be devoted to a study of the jurisprudence of the country’s Constitutional Court with a focus on the role the court has played and is continuing to play in shaping the country’s political, economic and social development.

SOUTH AFRICA | Doing Business in South Africa

A highlight of this Learning Abroad course is a 12-day travel component to South Africa over spring break to learn about management and marketing practices in this region. Students will visit with top executives at businesses and government entities such as Pick N Pay, Port of Cape Town, Johnson & Johnson, and Vodafone, and visit historical and cultural sites such as Robben Island, Cape of Good Hope, the Apartheid Museum, and Kruger National Park.

SOUTH AFRICA | Health & Healing in South Africa

Students will examine the historic, political, cultural, and epidemiological factors shaping current healthcare in South Africa. The course will culminate with an 11-day travel component to South Africa with visits to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions, with several days of service learning experience.