Rutgers University-Camden is offering three Learning Abroad programs to Brazil for the Spring 2017 semester. Please click the links below to find out more about each program.

BRAZIL | Health & Health Care in the Brazilian Amazon

The course and experience abroad will offer students a unique opportunity to encounter global health and work collaboratively with local health professionals in the Amazon region of Brazil. The service learning component includes 12 days in the Santarem region, located along the Amazon river midway between Belem and Manaus. For six days, students will journey on a live-aboard medical boat to provide interdisciplinary health care in river communities; the remaining six days will occur on either end of the river journey and consist of experiences to contextualize the program. These activities will include a tour of a pharmaceutical company researching botanical medicine, visits to health posts and a Hansen’s (leprosy) clinic, and cultural activities.

BRAZIL | Tropical Field Ecology

This course will offer biology students the unique opportunity of hands-on experience on ecological processes and natural resource management challenges in a tropical area in Brazil (i.e., Macae). This area is not only scientifically interesting, but also culturally rich and illustrative of conservation challenges faced by developing countries. This field course on tropical ecology will focus on concepts, study design and field techniques in ecological research studying both terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

BRAZIL | Urban Politics

This course will examine urban politics in Brazil, emphasizing the challenges of conflicting interests within a country that has experienced periods of both political and economic stability and instability. Specifically, we will assess the role of civil society organizations, public officials and private sector interests in defining policies related to housing, violence, and the environment.